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Emily’s Turkey Day in Portland

Last Saturday I flew into Portland (Oregon) to spend the week of Thanksgiving with family. I was born and raised in Portland and I love that little city, rainy weather and all.

I left Portland when I was 18 and …

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Review: Skyfall (James Bond)

I am not a James Bond junky. I enjoy watching the movies, generally, but I could mostly do without. Furthermore, I have a very hard time accepting Daniel Craig as Bond.

To me, James Bond defines suave. He is …

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His Pick: “Last Train Home”

“Last Train Home” is a PBS documentary about a migrant family in China. It follows the parents in the city and their children in the countryside for 3 years, documenting in intimate and heartbreaking detail how the family struggles under …

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Top 5: Washington, DC


1. Plentiful employment

It’s the reason we moved here, and it’s still true despite cuts to government spending. In my case, Peace Corps service was particularly important, helping to secure my federal job less than a week after …

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Back in the District!

I am so happy to be living back in Washington, D.C.! It is wonderful to be walking distance to friends again. Every morning I bike to work (only 2.5 miles) and walk home. It’s much nicer than 45 minutes on …

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